The Awakening: a theatrical stage show by Antonio Wingfield

By The Fashion Opera (other events)

Sunday, August 28 2016 4:00 PM 7:00 PM

The Awakening

A dramatic tale of beauty, self-reflection and redemption

Doors open at 3pm

Show Time 4pm - 7pm in room 203

Outraged over the lyrics of a massively popular rap song, legendary diva, Vanity Black, turns to her longtime friend for a venting session. Upon her visit, the notorious diva is presented with an opportunity where she is ultimately swept away on a whimsical journey leaping worlds, time periods and into a land called The City of Chaos. In a clash between cultures, belief systems, and economic classes, this troubled community is tangled in a web of violence, self hate, colorism, female degradation, and classism . Accompanied by a mysterious friend named Karma, Vanity Black finds herself in the role of a leader to discover a new vision for her people. However, as she begins to question old ways and beliefs of the community, she finds that her vision is not welcomed with open arms, especially by its king. Will a troubled people awaken to a new vision, new words, and new ways of thinking, or will they continue to create their own hell on earth.